Welcome Home to Oxmoor Woods!

Stately brick entryways mark the entrances to the breathtaking beauty of Oxmoor Woods. Originally part of the historic William Marshall Bullitt Estate, Oxmoor Woods presents grace, tradition and the charm of estate living and is only minutes away from Louisville's finest shopping, restaurants, churches, hospitals and schools. Nestled in a serene, heavily wooded setting, Oxmoor Woods has more than 150 custom-built estate-size homes and is located within the City of Hurstbourne. With its excellent location, convenience, and enforcement of sensible deed restrictions, Oxmoor Woods continues to be one of the most desirable residential communities in Louisville. 

Oxmoor Woods is a Deed Restricted Community.  There is a Residents Association Board in place who oversee enforcing deed restrictions and neighborhood guidelines.  The Board also helps maintain the entrances to the subdivision and works closely with the City of Hurstbourne for traffic/safety issues, street/median management, and other issues impacting our neighborhood.


Residents of Oxmoor Woods must be registered with the Oxmoor Woods Residents Association and have access to the Owners Login section of this website.  If you are a new resident and/or do not have access, please email us at oxmoorwoods@easyhoa.email for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hurstbourne and the Oxmoor Woods Residents Association
  • What is the relationship between Oxmoor Woods and the City of Hurstbourne? Oxmoor Woods annexed into the City of Hurstbourne in the 1980’s. Our residents pay property taxes to the City of Hurstbourne and the City of Hurstbourne provides our municipal services, like street and streetlight maintenance, trash collection, snow removal, landscaping, etc. However, Oxmoor Woods retains its identity as a signature development within the City, as do several other developments.
  • What is a Resident’s Association? Our Resident’s Association  is a legal entity that oversees our community of homes. It operates within state statutes to enforce community regulations and to collect periodic assessments from homeowners. Our Association is designed to proactively protect the interests of the entire community while working within a strict set of bylaws. 
  • What is the function of the Resident’s Association?  The Oxmoor Woods Resident’s Association is a non-profit group that provides collective representation of our interests within the City of Hurstbourne, Metro Louisville, and other agencies.  The Board of Directors enforce deed restrictions and review, approve, or disapprove any proposed improvements to residents’ properties to ensure that they conform to our deed restrictions and would not have potential negative impact to property values. 
  • Who oversees the Resident’s Association?  The work of the Resident’s Association is done by the Board of Directors, a core group of 13 volunteers who were elected by the homeowners.  While conducting on-going activities, we are always poised to gear up and deal with any issue that may suddenly threaten to impact our neighborhood.
  • Do I have to join the Association?  All property owners automatically become members of the Association by virtue of the fact that they bought property within Oxmoor Woods.
  • How much are annual dues?  When are they due?  Our annual dues are currently $115.00 per property per year, subject to change.  These must be paid online to avoid additional fees.  Our dues are much lower than similar neighborhoods, because we do not have to cover the cost of municipal services.  The City of Hurstbourne provides those.  Invoices are e-mailed April 1 of each year and payment is due by May 1. 
  • What if I don’t pay my annual dues?  Property owners who do not pay their annual dues are subject to late fees and liens against their property and eventual legal action. This is explained the Association’s Bylaws, which can be found on this website under Docs.  
  • Does the Association have an annual meeting?  Yes, we hold an annual meeting, usually in March, of each year. We send out notices with the date, time and place well in advance of the meeting and encourage all Oxmoor Woods residents to attend.  We try to not only deal with issues specific to Oxmoor Woods, but to also invite guest speakers who can inform us about things going on in Hurstbourne as a whole. The Association Board of Directors also meets periodically during the year to conduct its business. We invite any resident who has a concern or issue that they want to present to our Board of Directors to contact us and we’ll invite you to our next meeting.
  • How can I get a copy of the Deed Restrictions and By Laws? They are located on this website in the Docs Sectopm. All residents are encouraged to read them.
  • Do I need permission to install a fence/add a room/remove a tree/install a pool/etc.?  In general, yes you do. Our Deed Restrictions state that all construction and landscape plans must be approved by the Residents Association Architectural Committee.  While we don’t need to be involved for your “spring landscape cleanup and mulch”, we require that you submit, per the Deed Restrictions, plans for other improvements prior to starting any work. It’s not our intent to prevent you from improving your property, but we want to be sure that your improvements are compliant and are in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.  Also, keep in mind that this approval is in addition to the necessary approvals and permits required by the City of Hurstbourne, Metro Government, MSD, etc.
  • Can I hold a yard sale?  There is no restriction on yard sales.  In fact, the City of Hurstbourne holds an annual citywide yard sale each spring.  We encourage our residents who want to hold a yard sale to consider that weekend. The City takes care of the advertising and, because it’s citywide, a lot of people attend. Do keep in mind that running a yard sale on a frequent or continuing basis might be construed as a home-based business which is a violation of the Oxmoor Woods Deed Restrictions, and the City of Hurstbourne has ordinances pertaining to those that need to be adhered to.
Maintenance and Home Management
  • Where do I report a street light outage?  Report this directly to LG&E on their website at LG&E Street Light Outage
  • Where do I report a street light out, issue with neighbor, etc.?  The City of Hurstbourne takes care of streetlights, potholes, etc.  If you have a persistent neighbor or pet problem, we encourage you to try and work the problem out with the neighbor or pet owner.  If you don't wish to do that or they don't comply, the City has ordinances that deal with these types of problems and they may take action against violator.  Call Hurstbourne City Hall at (502) 426-4808 to report a problem.  They have proven to be very efficient and getting these things taken care of.  Of course if you feel that it’s an urgent matter, call 911. 
  • Where do I get a recycling bin?  The City of Hurstbourne office will provide you with one.  You can call them at (502) 426-4808.   
  • When is trash pick-up?  Trash is picked up on Tuesday and Friday.  Recycling is picked up on Tuesday and yard waste is picked up on Friday.  Those pick up days can vary when there is a holiday during that particular week.  Oxmoor Woods has back door pickup, so it is not necessary for you to take your trash to the curb.
  • How is yard waste handled?  Yard waste is picked up on Fridays during the Spring, Summer, and early Fall.  Branches must be bundled and cut into sections no longer than 3'.  You can also designate a trash can for yard waste if clearly marked "YARD WASTE ONLY" on the side.  If you are placing your yard waste in paper bags, make sure they are not too heavy for the workers to lift.
  • How do I dispose of large items like water heaters, furniture, mattresses, etc.?  Contact Rumpke at 568-3800 to make arrangements for those kinds of items.  Or, you can dispose of them on "junk day."  The City of Hurstbourne also has two "junk days" per year usually held in the Spring and Fall.   Contact City Hall for those dates.
  • How do I dispose of oil based and latex paint?  Remove the lid and set the can in a in a well-ventilated area until the paint is dried up.  Set it out beside your trash can with the lid off for disposal.  Kitty litter can be placed in the can to help it dry quicker.  Oil-based paint is considered household hazardous waste. You must take oil-based paint and other qualifing items to the Louisville HazBin.
  • How do I dispose of cardboard boxes?  Cardboard boxes must be broken down into 2' x 2' sections and bundled.  Place them at the curb for the Tuesday recycle pick-up.
Crime and Safety
  • Emergency?  Call 911
  • Non-Emergency Police Situation?  Call Lyndon Police Department at (502) 425-5862
  • Going out of town with no one to check on your home?  Lyndon Police Department offers periodic home safety checks while you are out of town.  Contact them at (502) 425-5862 to schedule.
  • How do I protect my residence from crime?  There is no guaranteed means to eliminate or prevent crime, however, these guidelines are a great set to follow to help minimize the risk:  

    Most people think crime safety and security is all a game of chance. But the truth is you can stack the odds in your favor to keep you and yours out of harm’s way.   Things to consider:

    1. Do the outside lights light up all entrances to your home?
    2. Are your plants trimmed so a burglar cannot hide near windows and doors?
    3. Are garage doors kept closed and locked at all times?
    4. Are outside doors made of solid core construction, including the door leading from the garage to the house?
    5. Is there a peephole viewer (180 degrees) on the front door?
    6. Are sliding glass doors secured with secondary locks or pinned, and are screws in the track to prevent removal of the doors?
    7. Are exterior doors secured with a dead bolt lock (single or double cylinder) with a minimum 1 inch throw?
    8. Are windows secured with backup keyed locks or pinned with a nail?
    9. Do you report suspicious persons or activity in the neighborhood to the police immediately?
    10. Are doors locked at all times?
    11. Are your valuables marked with your Kentucky driver's license number?
    12. Do you have a record of valuables complete with serial number, make and model?

     If you are able to answer YES to all of the above precautions, congratulations, you have greatly decreased the likelihood of your home being burglarized.  Check to see who is at the door before opening it to strangers. Require identification from all repair and delivery personnel. If in doubt, check the authenticity of the identification by calling the company before letting the person into your home. Check I.D. through the peephole viewer. A wide-angle viewer is easy to install and inexpensive.

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